Twitch Upcoming!

We're delaying our Twitch till AFTER a very specific KS update. You'll know what one, we'll talk about the twitch in the update. We need all hands to get this one ready.
Which still means something good is coming.

Rotty's stream ended.
Check him out at right here


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What do you think about getting some kind of trophy/plaque/souvenir for your SG Base when you complete a TF? Like the big penny and the T-rex in the Bat Cave. Not like the display cases you could buy, but an award to show you actually completed it. They wouldn't have to be gigantic, and you 'could' buy cases or pedestals, etc. to display them on. Oh, or maybe you could scale them, so they COULD be gigantic!

As an aside, if we get personal lairs, maybe news clippings or something for completing mission arcs.

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I like it!

I like it!

and +1 for personal lairs.

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Big, big, BIG ups for this

Big, big, BIG ups for this idea.

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We've actually given some

We've actually given some thought to this, and have some cool ideas on how this might even tie into the game overall, assuming the coding can work. But trophies tend to be marks of one's rogues' gallery...

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