Twitch Upcoming!

We're delaying our Twitch till AFTER a very specific KS update. You'll know what one, we'll talk about the twitch in the update. We need all hands to get this one ready.
Which still means something good is coming.

Rotty's stream ended.
Check him out at right here


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Afraid I do not have any computer skills whatsoever, however, if by any chance you are planning to release the game in other languages besides English, I would be glad to lend a hand translating into Spanish.

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Hi Nightmarer.

Hi Nightmarer.
You're not the only one waiting for news about the translation.
For the moment, we have nothing about it excepts the FAQ.
I personaly translate into french the news but i'm not feeling good enough to translate for the game content.
Let's see if we can obtain a response :)

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We will need translators but

We will need translators but not yet. I'm quite happy for people to offer their services in this thread, and we can then get back to you at a later date.

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