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Transformations that change more than appearance.

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Transformations that change more than appearance.

I really, really feel like I said something like this before lol, or maybe I did not. There were a few old threads about transformations, and a recent topic which lead to a discussion of a jack of all trades CoH archetype (I think). I also remember hearing the centaur joke years ago in the "Run. Jump. Fly. Cling" thread when I asked about quadrupedal heroes.

My question is about the ability to transform into something else and it not only changes your appearance, but powers and travel powers. I was thinking of something like this:

A Vehicle Emote Costume Change: Costume emotes that changes the player into a tank, aircraft, etc, which have munition abilities, but the animations are specific for the tank or aircraft.

Beastly Emote Costume Change: Like a bear or lion whom use their paws to slash.

Elements Costume Change: Change into a Rock, Lava, Ice, Water, or Thunder being.

Mechanical Costume Emote: Change into a mech, robot, etc.

The animations to change could be a simple puff of smoke or electricity. Instead of Optimus prime transitioning into a truck, where every limb retracts and all that crazy stuff transformers do.

You can tweak the appearance of these too, not saying it has to be vast creation options either. I know this seems eerily simliar to a simple costume change emote, but costume changes does not affect powers or allow true full on creatures on all fours.

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(Pssst. This is the developer

(Pssst. This is the developer communique subforum. It should be in the Suggestions subforum.)

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