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Too Much Time On Her Hands Volenteer

Hello! Same Kistulot as over on the Titan forums! I just realized I havent really posted on these new forums, and I'm a big believer in City of Titans as I've said to anyone that will listen.

My skillset isn't something that anyone would brag about. I have some pretty decent skills with writing for sure - with a focus on first person, dialogue, colloquial tones... but how many people here are good at that? But it is a thing I can do. Additionally, I'm tech savvy - if inexperienced. I can code up one mean Hello World, but thusfar my most complicated program was designed to speed up OCV calculations for playing the tabletop HERO system. It works pretty well, but it isn't too terribly fancy.

What I'm good at, is being given a task, be it conversion, creation of documents, reviewing documents, etc, making a workflow to expedite the process, and repeating this task for hundreds of items in a timely, accurate manner.

I can do more complicated things too, and enjoy that fine as long as somehow shows me how. I just thrive on being shown or explained a process, being given a bulk of things to work with, and getting it done. For example I recently converted a large group of plaintext for npcs and world objects into XML files to be parsed by the game engine.

My first job was actually to examine websites and ad copy for a search engine, so I'm pretty good at finding errors in files that should be standardized, and seeing when things don't match up like they're supposed to. None of this is anything that would make me irreplaceable, but if you ever need someone like me for the team, please do not hesitate to let me know! :)

I believe heavily in City of Titans, and look forward to bragging that I funded the kickstarter and wouldn't shut up on Twitter until it was over.