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Titan rangers

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Joined: 12/19/2013 - 19:07
Titan rangers


I am starting a new group called Titan rangers, I want this group to do great things and be known throughout the city of titans, eventually it will be exclusive and hard to get into, but right now, anybody can join!

I want this group to prosper and be great. I want everyone to get along and act as a family.

Right now this is the group tree

Co command-

Yes the tree ranks are odd but those are the ranks.

Limited to no foul language
No putting others down
No rude or irritating content or language
This must be your only group
Must be active in group chats

More info will be added as we expand, so send a application in the comments and I'll place you!

Basic application-
Wanted rank- warrior
Time played on coh- 1year
Why you want to join- I want to be part of a group

Remember these things will be updated frequently so be active... See you soon!

There are many games, but this is the best