Third Anniversary Bonus

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Third Anniversary Bonus

Yesterday was the third anniversary of the closure. Since then, we've all done our best to deal with the loss in our own ways. For those of us at MWM, that way has been to keep on working on building us all a successor. We've got more, exciting updates planned on the regular schedule, but as a special treat, here are some extra peeks.

First - wall running! We said we'd put it in superspeed and we can prove it.

A mild variation of this will give us Wall Jumping, which we'll add to Super Jumping to allow you to kick off of walls in classic super hero or super martial arts style. So you'll be able to use two adjacent buildings to get all the way up to the roof.

And speaking of getting up walls, we've got parkour too! We can crawl, and we can grasp and pull up onto or over ledges.

And finally - the subject of last week's update has progressed. We've now applied it to a real model, albeit textureless.

One thing at a time, that's how MMO development works. All the bits come together at some point...and then we get to fix the thousand and one bugs that creates before we can announce closed beta :). Stick with us gang, this is happening.


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