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Teenage supervillain team

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Teenage supervillain team

I did a topic regarding a team of teen superheroes. What about teen supervillains? The kids who do bad, the antithesis to the young superheroes of Titan City who band together for virtuous purposes. Indeed, these are young supervillains. Why did they go down this path? Maybe they had a bad childhood, maybe they had bad parents who raised them this way, maybe it's just good to be bad. Either way, they're not full-grown adults yet, but are making a name for themselves as up-and-coming villains.

But anyways, would anyone be interested in the idea of forming a teenage villain group? I don't have a name for it yet, but I'm sure we'll come up with one.

I have this idea for a teenage rich kid villain with special manipulation powers, and maybe he's the one who brings everyone together. Kinda inspired by Artemis Fowl. I'm thinking he's an Operator, someone who sticks to the back and uses his psionic powers to aid, lead, weaken the enemy and basically play the game like chess. Rather fitting for someone who views direct combat as beneath him. I'll post the full profile later after I fleshed him out.

What ideas do you guys have?