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Tapatalk and other forum apps for phones and tablets

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Tapatalk and other forum apps for phones and tablets

I'd like to suggest that we add this forum to the multiple popular forum apps out there.

I use Tapatalk on my IPad and iPhone and on my Android Tablet (there is an android phone app too)

I would be willing to do the submissions on your behalf if you like.

Just PM me and give your blessing and I'll happily do the legwork for you.


Tamorand = (Tahm-o-rand) This name originated from the days of Ultima Online. My first character was a Tamer and a Minstrel and an Archer and a Mage - I couldn't figure out a name to portray all skills in a single word. Hence **Tamer + And ** /shrug

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The standard is called NNTP.

The standard is called NNTP. It would allow us to use convenient clients on pretty much every OS in existence.