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Tamorand - Brief Backstory

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Tamorand - Brief Backstory

This is what I submitted to our SG - Figured this would be a good place to put this.
I'm not a writer like a lot of you are - but I read a lot and my main character has been influenced by all of those books I've read over the years.

SuperHero Name: Tamorand
Gender: M
Physical Appearance: Average height, average build, long coat, fedora, walking staff covered in runes(think Harry Dresden that can teleport)
Personality: (Batman mashed with Gandalf the Grey with John Carter's chivalry)
Powers: Fire Manipulation / Kinetics Controller / Teleportation
Notes: Growing up in Titan city isn't easy for a young warlock with the ability to manipulate fire and kinetic energy.
I started more than one fire that got out of hand. Not to mention the cat I changed the inertia of that jumped into the next least it landed on it's feet *shrug*.
Today I work for the people of Titan City(previously named Atlas...before the "incident").
My abilities have a wide range of uses, but the city government tends to use them more than others.
I try to steer clear of military, as I know too well that I could be used as a weapon in their never ending push for dominance over all those around them.
I will not be controlled...but I can be moved to help out for a home cooked meal and a slice of coconut cream pie.

Tamorand - Civil Engineer - Titan City

Tamorand = (Tahm-o-rand) This name originated from the days of Ultima Online. My first character was a Tamer and a Minstrel and an Archer and a Mage - I couldn't figure out a name to portray all skills in a single word. Hence **Tamer + And ** /shrug