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Superior Fashion Sense - A Doctor Tyche Requirement

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Superior Fashion Sense - A Doctor Tyche Requirement

One of the oft overlooked qualities of the vigilantism and villainism found throughout Titan City is the rapid growth of costuming flair as time expands forward to my inevitable domination. When I began, it was so common to find people who were wearing what was, for lack of a better term, pajamas with brightly colored underwear on the outside. I cannot count the number of times I faced off against someone who was wearing long johns or ballet tights. It was outright embarrassing.

Today however, a wide variety of costuming options are available. For those with the money to spend, there are several fashion boutiques who cater to those who lack the time or skill for costuming. They offer a wide variety of elements, materials, cuts, and patterns which can be combined to create any look or feel you wish, for a price. For the do it yourself person, like myself (I would never be caught dead shopping retail) the options are far more plentiful, even if you must do more work to get that particular look you wish. Have you ever tried to locate meter-long vacuum tubes lately?

Ignore those who would have you fit some mold, where you have to wear some special 'gear' to be viewed favorably. Narrow box thinking has no place in Titan City. I expect all of you who would dare challenge my absolute rule to at least carry with you a basic concept of fashion. Failure to do so only makes your inevitable defeat all the more humiliating.

Now, putting your head into a new super suit, especially for one so new to this business we are in, this requires a lot of forethought. What image do you wish to present? The goody-two-shoes? The menacing brooder? Your concept lends itself to a palette, both in color as well as texture.

Your brooder will likely have leather, chains, and various other dark and gothic elements, while the goody-two-shoes is apt to be dressed in bold colors, using fine silks and sparkling like a Seattle vampire to just ooze “I'm a good guy” when he breaks into your lair for the 8th time that day.

Since any pattern can be matched with any color or material, this means that the brooder and goody-two-shoes from above may be using the exact same pattern of clothing, but thanks to the wonders of modern fashion will look completely different. Identifying the right pattern to give you the look desired can be time consuming, but the results are well worth it.

Of course layering can be key to any outfit. What would the brooder be without their trench coat-covered angst after all? The right top layer can be what makes or breaks any would-be hero or villain. Armored suit, jacket, bandoliers, ammo belts, or my personal favorite the magnetic control suit, the right exterior can make or break the impression upon your victims – from coats to helmets, the sky is the limit.

Be you a dapper gentleman or a blood soaked monstrosity, always pay careful attention to your outfit. I expect to see each and every one of you arriving at my door dressed appropriately for the occasion. Otherwise, well, the humiliation will be most extreme.

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