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Street Soldiers

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The Hybrid
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Street Soldiers

Is anyone interested in making a "Heroes for Hire" type team where a street level heroes (badass normals/low-level metas) work together to make cash while still doing good?

If so, submit a character and we can discuss further!

I was thinking we would be team operating in the southern end of Titan City, the darker and slimier parts that are more MCU Netflix than MCU movies. It would make the perfect place for people looking to make a profit to operate. If interested, just remember to avoid using your more powerful characters. Superman in an alley brawl is embarrassing for all involved.

Since they're engaging in street-level warfare, I thought the name "Street Soldiers" was fitting. Plus I liked the alliteration.

Any thoughts?

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I’d love to do this. I have

I’d love to do this. I have one character idea in particular that’d fit in this. A staff-wielding brawler guy who does acrobatics and stealth. I played a variation of him in DCUO and in a couple tabletop RPGs.

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I...also had a Staff wielding

I...also had a Staff wielding and magical origin based hero with a bit of government intrigue and checkered past thrown in there for fun.

Xingzhe, or Wandering Monk in English, a warrior with a magical staff and former agent of the Chinese Government, created in an attempt to alchemical and and magically imbue selected boys with an aspect of the folklore hero, Wukong the Monkey King.

His staff has magical properties, such as altering the length, density or weight, and makes him a capable fighter in melee combat. He has a bit of a rebellious streak due to his ‘father’ but generally seeks to do good, but won’t turn down an opportunity to make cash as a hero and adventurer.

Alias: Xingzhe

Real Name: Feng Jin Hau

Citizenship: Dual Chinese-American

Age: 26

Archetype: Enforcer


Primary: Fighting Prowess (Staff)

Secondary: Super Agility

Tertiary: Chi Enhancements (Buffs and Healing)