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Storytime: Jessica Lacroix

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Storytime: Jessica Lacroix

[Seeing all the other posts, I felt I had to do Jessica's! A rebooted version of my CoH main, who's taking a bit of everything from her original CoH beginning to her end of CoH last retcon. :)]

"I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend. You could cut ties with all the lies, that you've been living in. And if you do not want to see me again, I would understand. I would understand."


"The angry boy, a bit too insane. Icing over a secret pain. You know you don't belong. You're the first to fight. You're way too loud. You're the flash of light on a burial shroud."

"J.J. totally not the right song before doing this."

Long black hair flew in the wind. Bright green eyes shined from beneath an ornate black domino mask as she watched from the flashing red and blue lights swimming in the darkness from the ledge, as those around them scramble to make sense of what's happening.

"And if you do not want to see me again..." the figure sung out as she jumped from the ledge, her black hair changing to golden blonde like a tidal wave of color had washed over it, her bright green eyes going completely white, "...I will understand!" she finished as two long ears materialized from her now golden mane as she grabbed ahold of the edge of a window sill five floors below her, swinging herself through a broken window.

"I'm in Bobby. See her on the cameras?"

"I can't see anything. I'm not in."

"How are you not in? You're the best..."

Before she could finish the sentence, the voice over the comm interrupted her, "So are they! One of the most secure federal buildings in the world and all."

"How secure can it be? I'm in."

"Says the super spy, assassin, soldier with kung fu grip."



"Soldier is the Army. I was Navy."

"But you were S.E.A.L. trained."

"Seal works too, still Navy."

"What do you see?"

"Lots of bodies littering the floor."

"What?! I thought you said she wouldn't kill anyone!"

"They're just unconscience. Good for me. They would've just slowed me down."

"Hear anything?"


"You have an extra set of huge ears and you hear nothing?"

"I know. This place is sound proofed like nothing else."

Two loud shots, as if on cue, rang out as she spoke, her ears twitched toward the sound, obviously coming from a nearby hall, "Heard a shot, going towards it."

"The fact that you can't track them by smell."

"Oh my gawd. Like now?"

"Foxes have been known to smell things under three feet of snow."

"And walk on all fours, which I'm totally not doing." she turned the corner to see a hallway filled with what can only be described as hired henchman, "Yup. She's going to make sure I stay busy."

Noticing the new arrival, shots raced towards her as others charged her.


A beautiful figure stood in front of the leotard clad, masked, currently blonde vigilante, "Impressive Jessica. Wait. Instinct? Black Fox? Nightshade? Spoilsport? Shadow Fox? Have you even decided on a name?"

"Sister seems good right now."

The girl in front of her sighed, "You're not going to stop me. I'm going to find him and I'm going to kill him."

"Let it go Jaime. He's not worth it."

"Wrong! He ruined our lives! He ruined mine!"

"Go home. Your parents, they want you home." Jessica pleaded.

"No! They wanted their son back! Not...not..." she looked over her hands as she stammered, "...not some daughter."

"They don't care Jaime."

"They do! I saw it in their eyes!"

"It was just shock! Come on! You know better. Remember your training. Please. Don't make me hurt you. I don't want to hurt you."

She rolled her eyes, "Please Jessica. You couldn't even take out all my men."

"Look around you Jaime, of cour..." all four ears started to twitch before she spun around and fell to the floor with two holes through her chest befor she slipped into unconscienceness.

Jaime shook her head, "This is why I'm glad it was you, sister." reaching down to feel the metal arm underneath the sleeve, "You're a cape I knew could survive this." She spun around to leave, "And I don't want to kill anyone anymore. Except for him."

Jessica started to stir.

"Raven's Nest, pack up and get out before she's awake. Everyone else on comm who isn't knocked out, get to the extraction point, we're outta here."


Real Name: Jessica Ji-eun Lacroix
Alias: Brand X
Alignment: Neutral Good

*Retired - Chief Petty Officer Nathan Lacroix (father)
*Ji-yeon Lacroix (mother - deceased)
*Chief Petty Officer Lynn Lacroix (step-mother)
*Harley Lacroix (step-sister)
*Jaime "Coven" Priest (Project: Archfiend v2.0 "sister" - Linked to Lilith)
*Brittany "Arcana" Rosetti (Project: Archfiend v2.0 "sister" - Linked to Dracula)
*Chloe "Calico" Taylor (Project: Archfiend v2.0 "sister" - Linked to Ceridwen)
*Mary "Witchcraft" (Project: Archfiend v2.0 "sister" - Linked to Hecate)
*Helen "Halo" Gunthrie (Project: Archfiend v2.0 "sister" deceased - Linked to Azrael)
*Jacob "Sea Wolf" St. Ashlar (Project: Archfiend v2.0 "brother" deceased - Linked to Lycaon)

*Project: Archfiend v2.0 (1 of 7 subjects) - Shut Down
*United States Navy (through Project: Archfiend v2.0) - Not so Secret - Retired
*Titan City High School - Senior

Base of Operations: Titan City with a secret hide out located under a pay to park structure building.

Identity: Secret (for now) for the most part
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Former Covert Military (Lt Commander rank), Vigilante/Adventurer, Student

Gender: Female
Age: Almost 18 (at the start of CoT)
Height: 5ft 3in (161cm)
Weight: 115lbs (52kg)
Eyes: Green (variable)
Hair: Black (variable)

Ethnicity: Half Korean (with supernatural descent), 1/8 Native American and the rest European (mostly French)
Origin: Supernatural/Science Hybrid Living Weapon of War
Place of Birth: Fort Worth, Texas

Kidnapped at the age of three to become a subject of Project: Archfiend v2.0. The second iteration of a failed and (almost) forgotten military project, started by an ambitious Admiral Kevin Graves and recently appointed head of Naval Intelligence and a young, brilliant, slightly insane Doctor James McClane.

The Admiral wanted his living weapons of war while the Doctor wanted his childhood dream of an anime harem lifestyle. They got it, including killing those who knew the true beginning of the project, with later personel believing the subjects to be creations from a tube from the start.

From an early age, Jessica and her fellow project members, began working wetwork missions, able to get in places other special forces couldn't.

One year before being freed of the project, Jessica's powers proved to much, and she was used as a test subject for the, Bio Robotic Advanced Neural Dampener Experiment (aka B.R.A.N.D.X.), an experimental power dampening device that was looking to be put into use in the controlled suppression of meta powers. It lacked the desired results due to Jessica's supernatural level of regenneration, causing Jessica's more weaponizing powers to be suppressed, and leaving her partially cybernetic.

The creator of B.R.A.N.D.X mysteriously died soon after, with all information on the dampners destroyed.

It would be a year later, as part of Doctor McClane's grand scheme, that the project would be discovered, the ending to his "harem anime" and beginning of his harems hero journies. Doctor McClane would be imprisoned before escaping with the help of Brittany. Admiral Graves committed suicide instead of facing a court-martial and prison time.

Jessica and her fellow remaining project subjects, would be returned home, to varying degrees of success. Jessica, on her part, while welcomed home, quickly ran away, setting up a new hero identity, before being talked into returning home by her former handler (surrogate father figure), and new head of Naval Intelligence, Admiral James Wolfe.

Powers & Abilities:

Fox Spirit Physiology
*Supernatural Physical Aspects, Regeneration, Heightened Hearing, Dark Vision, Minor Shapeshifting (able to change the color of her hair, eyes, hide her fox ears, the looks of her cybernetic arm)

*While introduced into Jessica's system, as an experimental power limiter, her regeneration abilities caused the limiter to go haywire, replacing her arm with morphable nanite cyber arm and slight durability increase.

*Due to the B.R.A.N.D.X. her Fox-Fire ability (Time Energy Manipulation) has become extremely limited, outside of a few palor tricks. She's yet to surpass the limiter system.

Combat Specialist
*Besides S.E.A.L. training, she's had continued martial arts, weapon and naval aviation training.

Naturally raven black hair with bright green eyes that Jessica changes to blonde hair and blue eyes (if not straight white eyes) in her hero persona with beautiful features and a body to kill for.

Secret. To a point. While few know her real history. She's already got one reporter who knows, but keeping it a secret and another who's already thought to track one armed females.

There's also a few fellow military types she's rescued (and a few enemy combatants that weren't killed) who have linked the hero she is now, to the special forces elite she was.

RP Questions ( ):

1) What emotion best describes your character? Drive
2) What emotion does your character evoke in others? Blissful trust
3) What does you character need most? She's still searching for it.
4) What is your character's goal in life? Seeking justice and having fun while doing it.
5) How does your character believe this goal can be accomplished? Fighting for it.
6) Where did your character come from? Project: Archfiend v2.0
7) When did your character grow up? Early on, being turned into a living weapon of war early in life. Though, as a teen returned home, it's come to be seen she still has some growing to go.
8) What values does your character hold? Family, Justice, her own belief system (influenced by her life in the Project).
9) How does your character dress? Has a love for collars and all sorts of boots over sneakers.
10) What are your character's means? Various.
11) What are you character's personal tastes? Fondness for pineapple, bacon, chicken salad and coffee. Hate for dogs (they just don't care for fox spirits), beer (her powerful regeneration ability gives her none of the fun and all the bitter taste), and breakfast burritos (tired of them from times deployed).
12) What are your character's opinions? General dislike for people in power who abuse their power or can't be trusted in power. Not a fan for lazy people expecting handouts.
13) What's your character's comfort zone? Loves city life and the ocean.
14) Who has had the biggest impact on your character's life? Admiral Wolf (was lower rank officer as she grew up) and Origin (Dr. James McClane, Head Doctor of Project Archfiend)
15) What are some of your character's unexpected quirks? Way to responsible for a teen. Tilts her head at people often. Beautiful dancer. Takes pride in her hand eye coordination. Fears being back with her family, for what it could mean for them and the dangers it can put them in and what she may or may not do for them. Also a general fear/hate on for dogs.
16) What kind of story does your character belong in? Street Level Superhero Vigilante/Part Time Merc Superhero for Admiral Wolf/Occaissional Super Powered Heavy.
17) What role does your character fill? Combat monkey thrill junky.
18) What should the other players know about your character? Serious but fun who's likely to butt heads with the types who are to nice just to save others feelings.
19) What is your playstyle? Just like the character to do cool awesome things. :p
20) How do you want your character to die? Die? This is Jessica! :p Seriously though, she's ageless with supernatural levels of regeneration, staying dead may not be in her vocabulary.

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Well rounded character bio! I

Well rounded character bio! I like her abilities and I am glad you know not to make a character OP because a character is more real when they have weaknesses or limits to their abilities.

Curious to see more about how she uses these abilities in different circumstances.

Also, I hope you can make her as close to what you described in COT with the cybernetic arm and the fox ears!


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Thanks :) I don't want her

Thanks :) I don't want her at a constant OP level, but I love the idea of her being able to reach such a level, even more so if it's a level one can't reach easily/often/forever.

Also, other factors. What if CoT adds in some sort of Godly power system, like CoH did in the end, which was a fun idea, but some concepts may not be setup for RPing such abilities. Also, I like the idea of over the course of the game and RP, of ability increase, like Captain America in the MCU. :) You see him get stronger, but we also see him working out all the time. I love that about him in the movies! :)

I also hope they get some good cybernetic arm options :) Original Brand X had one in CoH, until I came to love the concept, hate the RP of it (never RP telepath types imo in an MMO setting), and that's what lead to this version of it. A call back to CoH Jessica :)

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An interesting take on a

An interesting take on a kitsune hybrid character...I likes it!

I don't see this character as being OP, least not in any realistic time frame. By the time the character were ever truly OP, she would have EARNED it. She is after all, a fox spirit, and there are older, and more powerful, spirits out there that are waiting to put a young upstart in her place.

All that said...I like the character...would love to see more stories with her....

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The idea is never be OP but

The idea is never be OP but able to be OP for stories and such if one desires, but you never want it all the time.

And thanks :) I have more planned to get written as little write ups that take place before the start of CoT. :)

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[More badly written backstory

[More badly written backstory from me!]

"You westeners." the uniformed figure shook his head, "Always think you know everything. Believe yourselves unbeatable." he kicked at the bound and beaten girl with black hair and bright green eyes, kneeling on the ground with six others, causing her to grunt out in pain.

"Thought America was the only one with supers?" he laughed as he gave her three more sharp kicks to her unprotected ribs, "As you can see, we have a few of our own." he landed another strong kick to her ribs before moving on to the one next her.

"Thought you knew better? Look around you!" he waved his hand about to a cheering crowd, "Thought you were their protectors? Their saviors?" he went downt he line of them, kicking and beating them as he ranted, "They want this life! This is our culture! Think they want change?" he gave two quick kicks to the last in the line, a beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed angel of a girl, "You believe to much in your western media!"

He knelt down next to the angelic looking girl, "And you. You're the worst of all. Looking like the christian savages holy lies." he pulled out his pistol and gave her three shots to the head, finally hearing the screams of the other bound six as he desired.

"See Jeremiah. I told you I could make them scream." he laughed as the figure he called out to stepped out of the shadows.

"I had no doubt you could make them scream. I said you wouldn't get them to talk." the man brushed off his US Army uniform as he looked down at the ones now glaring at him, "Kill them fast, before they power on through your dampener."

"Nonsense. We beat them down once, we can do it again."

"Sir. I respectfully."

"Quiet!" he kicked at the only male in the bound group, "See. He kneels before me like the dog he is." he smirked as he saw the white haired male's eyes begin to shift, his face starting distorting, "Very well, Jeremiah. I'll put him down, like the dog he is." with that, he let off the rest of his clip before snapping his fingers, "Finish them!"

The last thing he'd hear was a loud scream as the sight of his people melted away from him.


Jessica awoke in a heavy panting. She reflexively reached for an arm that wasn't there, instead feeling the metal attachment point for the one, she looked around, not seeing it, "Bobby?!"

"In here J.J." shouted back her larger, heavy set friend.

She threw on an over shirt as she tumbled out of her small living quarters, "You have until I'm done with my shower to keep examining it." she yawned with a stretch as she made her way to shower, taking a look at the clock, "You have forty minutes, to make it your date."

Bobby looked up, "Oh no!"

"Oh yes."

Bobby waved as he bagan to run off, "Crap! I forgot! Thanks J.J. you're a life saver!"

"Remember the outfit we picked out." she smiled and waved back right before shutting the door to the bathroom.

"Will do!" he yelled back before slamming the door.


Jessica sat outside the cafe, singing quietly to herself in between sips of her macchiato, as she looked up at the lit up skyscraper in front of her.

"Dressed as a cow girl with a black choker, singing pop hits?" a familiar voice interrupted her, "I can't decide between extremely hot or fashion faux pas.

"Mary!" Jessica quickly jumped up and hugged a friend she hadn't seen in what now seemed forever, "What can I say? I found out I'm from Texas, and I love boots."

Mary laughed, "And the hat?"

"Oh. I really love this hat!" she tipped it as she sat back down, motioning for Mary to join her, "What has you visiting me? Decided to join the living?"

Mary gave a shrug, "No. I came to talk you into joining the living."

Jessica sighed, "You talked to Wolfe. How'd he even get a hold of you?"

Mary smirked, "What makes you think I wasn't trying to get a hold of him?"

Jessica raised her eyebrow at Mary in return.

"He has a lot of connections, Jess, one I needed."

"And I was his return favor?"

Mary shook her head, "No. He gave me what I needed. But he did ask for me to talk sense into you as I was leaving."

"The one who lives her life in the city of the dead is here to talk to me about..."

"Jessica." Mary interrupted her, "I have no family to go home to and I'm needed there. You on the other hand," she reached over and tapped at Jessica's hat, "Obviously have some desire for home."

Jessica sighed, "I'd just be putting them in danger."

"They already know what you did and what you've been doing."

"It's not that." Jessica looked down and let herself breathe, "Remember that mother we had to take down? The one who strapped herself with a bomb to kill dozens of people, all because she was told those who kidnapped her son, would let him go free if she did?"

Mary nodded slowly, "Yes, but..."

Jessica interrupted this time, "But nothing. Someone finds out who I am. They might kill them or put me in that same situation."


"And? And I wouldn't do it!"


"And..." Jessica slumped down, "...they wouldn't understand. They'd hate me. Better to just keep them at a distance."

Mary leaned in and flicked Jessica in the nose, "Seriously. You think they wouldn't do that, even if you hadn't seen them in years?"

Jessica looked up at Mary with a tilted head, "..."

Mary nodded, "Now you see how dumb you sound."

"..." Jessica sighed in defeat, "You're my family. Why don't you come with me, if it's so important."

"Because my city needs me and you need to go back."

Jessica shook her head, "Okay. Okay. I know you and Wolfe are right. Okay? I get it."

Mary leaned in, "I hear a but coming."

"I'm not going home, until I get Jaime home."

"Then" Mary pointed up at the skyscraper, "get up there and steal that info you know is inside there."

"...How did you..."

"Because I was not only more powerful than you, but also smarter."

Jessica stuck out her tongue at Mary, "I'll give you the smarter." then stood up to leave.

Mary winked at Jessica before grabbing her by her cybernetic arm and giving her a tug, "How are you doing?"

Jessica knew she was talking about how she was dealing with the lost abilities just as much as the arm, "Better. Really."

"You wouldn't lie to me would you?"

"You're the telepath, you tell me."

Mary gave her a look that pleaded for a real answer.

Jessica relented, "I'm fine. Really. I just..."

"Still miss the flying."

"...see you know me just like a real sister."

Mary let go of her hand, "That's because I am your sister."

Jessica nodded with a smile and took off as Mary watched her disappear into a nearby building, likely to change.


Mary looked around and unfroze those around her, after quickly going invisible from their sight, as the patrons of the cafe wondered where the beautiful girl went.

"I wonder if I could pull that outfit off." Mary spoke to herself as a portal opened behind with two figures, one a majestic looking raven haired beauty, the other a silver haired, darker skinned, older looking lady stood on the other side waiting for her.

"Talk her into going home?" the raven haired beauty asked before the silver haired lady could.

Mary nodded.

"Does she remember?"

Mary shooker her head, "No."

"Good." both women said as Mary walked to the other side of the portal, into a decrepit version of Titan City.

"Still, we're going to need her sooner rather than later." the raven haired one said.

Mary looked at her curiously, "Do we? I believe I figured out how to do it without bringing her..."

Both ladies sighed and slowly nodded in defeat, "We'd just like her to see her..."

"I know." Mary nodded.

"I wish her mother could meet her."

Mary looked at her curiously, "What makes you think she hasn't?"

They both looked at Mary questionably.

Mary smiled at them, "You have your rules of not interferring. I have my own rules I have to follow."

"Very well." they both grinned, giving a slight nod, as they got their non answer, "Let's go. Much to plan and much like Jessica, you have your own team to find here."

"Just so you know, I'm still not calling it The Dead Phalanx."

"Phalanx of the Dead?"

"Gah!" Mary raised her arms in frustration, "Enough with Phalanx. It's like you're focused on that word!"