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Story of States

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Story of States

Hero: States

Powers and Class: Tank With Super strength, with a indestructible body, Flight, and minor manipulation with energy.

Weakness: Mental.

Origin: Magic, sort of Meta

She was given her powers when she went into the lab to visit her father when he brought back a flask of water from the Fountain of power.. and like her father it too gave her powers almost like his, The accident happened or transformation happened after she entered the lab to give her father papers to sign like usual, when the flask was over heated and exploded, sending a shock wave of energy towards her.. When she woke up she found herself in the hospital bed floating above it.. to only find out that she was given powers.

Story: After the Fall of Paragon, the Rise of a new, she was given the responsibility to look after the City, not wanting to be in the footsteps of her father she took in the name States, to honor his name. But her mother's old patriot uniform to honor her as well.

States became a Hero almost as quickly as the first day when one of the baddest villains in the city decided to destroy the very laboratory, that gave her, her powers. When the fight broke out into the streets, the eyes of the people was fixed on her. To see what she will do next.. will she fall or will she rise to the challenge, and like her father and mother before her. She has once time and time again stood her ground to face the dangers of being with a villain that cares nothing about the personal safety of the city or it's citizens, States Quickly took the threat personally by taking it upon herself to rid the world of such a idiot by defeating her first villain..

Her actions made quite a stir as the people of the city wondered why she never took the life of that villain, but time and time again she promised to never lower herself down to the level that would force her to kill someone, No matter how evil, or how much the world will be at risk, she will continue to find alternatives to defeat her foes.. Now she returns to the city that has risen from the Ashes of the old, and to begin a new life as the Cities Protector.. States. And to make the people of the past proud of her..

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((Yay! Another Super Strength

((Yay! Another Super Strength Heroine! Gee-Gee would like her...though she may wonder why States holds herself back. Still, Gee-Gee will most likely be the one face-planting because she rarely gets her mind around the concept of 'A good offense is a good defense'. However, Gee-Gee's no stranger to being clobbered since she can will herself back to consciousness, raring for to take and dish out more than before - resurgence was an awesome power! ^_^ ))