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State of the game?

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State of the game?

In the MWM forums, there was a suggestion that a "State of the Game" FAQ be posted ( Are we going to have to wait for the Kickstarter for this? Or can we know now where the development is?

Personally, I'm interested in lore, but it seemed like most of the solid decisions about the lore and story were locked away in other websites than the MWM forums, and the same appeared to be true of other parts of the game. As much as I enjoy some of the theoretical discussions on those boards, when will we get the solid facts about what's going on in the game?

I've been sort of half-way following things on the MWM forums, so I was already out of the loop, and now that there is apparently an entirely separate forum site for the devs, I feel like any idea I had about what was going on has been lost.

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Greetings Felderburg!

Greetings Felderburg!

Currently, pretty much all the effort from the devs are concentrate on the Kickstarter. It's is considered our current top priority, thus is taking up all of our time. Please expect more information coming in after the KS has started and our workflow goes back to normal.

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Having not done much with

Having not done much with Kickstarter (Mostly i have come to look at upcoming games but have not actively supported them on it as I have a good friend with a Gamestore and I would much rather see him remain in business by ordering the game through him...than to see him fall to the on-line part of the industry.)...but I am planning to support what I can for this project. My question is how does one find it on Kickstarter? I have searched and searched and found many things..but not this project. I hope someone will post a direct link once it gets going...if nothing else.

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Once the Kickstarter goes

Once the Kickstarter goes live, we'll make sure everyone is aware of the relevant links. I do not believe that Kickstarter pages are searchable until the funding efforts begin.

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I want to thank all of you

I want to thank all of you that have taken so much time and energy to bring this venue back to life! Your sacrifices are evident and appreciated by many of us who sit on the sidelines and watch your progress. If you ever need a biologist I am ready to help... Be well and thanks again for the hope.