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Sounds you Love, Sound you Hate

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Sounds you Love, Sound you Hate

Mod Note: The previous thread seems to have had a corrupted database. I'm rebooting it here:

Hey there, Titans.
My name is Rob "Revolution" Newton (a.k.a. blackjak from...well every other forum). I am the current Sound Design Lead for MWM and I have a question for you: What sounds did you love or hate in CoX, CO, DCUO or any other MMO?

I always liked the sound of Ninja Run, myself. And, yes, I too got tired of most of the Sound powers...(I really hope to get that particular thing fixed...).

Two things stick out for me though (in a bad way). This may come as a shocker to most, but I never liked the Blyde Square music. That bass line totally goes off time. I swear it does! And, I hate to say it, the torch sound bugged me. Maybe it was the shear number of instances on those steps, but the looping was very noticeable on them and they were actually a tad too loud.

So what do you guys think was good/bad? What are you looking forward to hearing (or not) in your city?

Lord Nightmare:

Atlas Park's introductory music will always be awesome to me, even though I'm redside. A thing I never really heard people complain about or praise was the flying "Swoooop!" whenever you started moving along with the "wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh" that went along as you move. CoH always had sound effects to go along with your movements while the competition makes you were as silent as can be as you move ( for a few travel powers in Champs that have this annoying repetitive music that play over and over like Rainbow Flight).

Another thing I enjoyed was the actual powers and their sounds. You could really feel the strength behind Energy Blast abilities and the raw power of Super Strength. Even emotes got a nice addition (Smack!)

Now what do I look forward to seeing? More Emotes with Sound! :D And maybe some Wilhelm Screams from enemies that you send flying.


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