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Some suggestions for the new website "store"

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Some suggestions for the new website "store"

Now I understand that a new website is in the works, and that it will enable those poor saps like myself who missed out on the kickstarter campaign to finally give to help support this project.

Now some idea's which will help encourage people to give......

First things first, please do not ever have a Pay-2-Win system, that always screws up a game, though from what I have seen over the past couple of days you plan on steering well clear of that for which I am eternally grateful. :D

When it comes to helping support the project, I have seen people asking for various items, some I think have been good, others have been not so good (at least in my opinion). So here is a list of suggestions from me.

1. Keep the original kickstarter "tiers" just renamed, that way someone like me who is a johnny-come-lately can buy into something very much like the kickstarter tiers and have much the same rewards as early backers. I would just suggest changing some things around a little though. Maybe with the prestige travel powers they glow a silver/bronze light instead of gold (this way the original kickstarter backers get something to show off). Or just little things like that.

2. Digital addons. These are the smaller things such as being able to buy additional costume slots, or being able to download a map of the City of Titans world. Just small items that can add up real quick.

3. Physical addons. If you have pledged for Star Citizen (as I have) you realize that some of the physical addons really helped the community get excited about the project, there is nothing like being able to actually hold something in your hands that makes the game seem more real.
With this idea I am not talking about going crazy with things like metal citizenship cards, or t-shirts or anything like that (not unless there is enough demand for it at any rate), but more for the cheaper and easier to produce things like glossy maps. Maybe even for those who donate enough a USB drive with the City of Titans logo on it.

4. The most important button. Some people just want to give. They have no need for extra's, or to buy more tiers at the level they are already, and so there should be a button labeled something like "shut up and take my money already", where people can donate either a fixed amount (say $5) or decide to support with any other amount they desire, all without having to buy a package.

p.s. I do not know about anyone else, but when Star Citizen announced the creation of the citizen cards, people went nuts buying them. They were a huge success, so is there any discussion/idea's about creating for backers (for a limited time) a hero or villain ID card which people can actually hold in their wallets? And yes I am crazy enough to want something like this...........