Over Labor Day Weekend, our repository server gained sentience and walked away.

It's back and said it just went for a walkabout and didn't mean to cause any distress. What is interesting though, is it will neither confirm nor deny the existence of these "motorheads" we've heard about.

Thank you all for your concern, and batteries.

The motherboard manufacturer sent a replacement part and we have put the repository server back together. We are back up and running and will now continue our regularly scheduled programming. (please pardon the pun)

Software dev looking to help out

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Software dev looking to help out

CoH and CoV were my first MMOs and I love them. I'm a looking to help out however I can. I currently work as a software dev for a large company but I might be able to lend a hand in my off time. I have experience with C#, C++, JS, Java, and a few others. I've done very minor game work on my own but I have worked on various shipped apps.

I've worked on both mobile and desktop applications, primarily on the UX layer but I some experience in the platform layer as well. I also have some web development experience as well but mostly through personal projects.

Let me know, thanks!