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((Signature Character Villian if needed....please critique!! :) ))

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((Signature Character Villian if needed....please critique!! :) ))

(( Never got to make a villain like this on CoH, hope you like the idea!))

Real Name: Adalina Nilcoli

Villain Name: Black Harmony

Origin: Mutant

Powers and Abilities: A mutant, Adalina is a Sonokinetic, able to control, direct, amplify, or distort and manipulate sound waves, air pressure, pitch, and other facets of audio. Worthy of note, her signature ability is a 'Siren's Song' using this ability, she is able to control and direct those in it's path, though it can be resisted. She is also a talented hand to hand combatant and passable marks woman, due to training by her father's Hitmen.

Weakness: Her abilities cannot work if the area she tries to affect lacks an atmosphere, no sound. Her abilities do work if her mouth is obstructed, as she is able to still manipulate ultrasonic sound waves, but are weaker than her naturally generated method.

Backstory: Adalina Nicoli, mafia princess, daughter of Marco Nicoli, the leader of the Nicoli crime family, was born with a black heart and silver tongue, perfect posterchild for the Titan City Cosa Nostra, was also a mutant, unknown to both her family and herself, but not for long.

A natural conwoman and mafiaso leader, her talent and skill outdid her father's, so much so that at the tender age of 20, her racketeering schemes, art thefts, and arms dealing profits alone made more money then her father's entire empire in it's 30 years, still unaware that her daughter was a mutant, as she was herself, he knew she had to go, if he was to control Titan City's underworld.

Invited to the Titan City Opera House, ironically seeing a work depicting the fall of Al Copone, her father's Hitmen struck, opening fire on the box where Adalina was seated. Complete panic ensued, with the policeman inside already dead, with superheroes already dealing with other crises around the city, no help was certain to arrive, leaving them at the mercy of the Titan City mafia.

Wounded but not killed, her own guards began firing back, with countless civilians caught in the crossfire. Adalina, fearing death, her mutant powers suddenly activated, in a single, deafening, supersonic scream, which amplified and spread by the theatre's acoustics, slaughtered everyone present, including her father and the other mafiaso leaders present, save for Adalina.

Since escaping the chaos and afterwards honing her abilities, Adalina is now the sole leader of the Nicoli Crime Family, and with her direction and powers, is a major player it the Titan City Underworld, now the owener of The Black Swan, a upscale club and restaurant, which now also supplies funds for Adalina's new interest in super powered crime, taking the moniker of Black Harmony, she is now an up an coming supervillain, however some manage to pick up on the fact that her actions are not simply monetary, and her schemes show the planning of a mastermind, not a mafiaso crimeboss, but those that poke around too much, are sure to hear a swan song.

Personality: Inheriting the traits of her father and the men before her, Adalina is cunning, ruthless, and enjoys her power. She is however sensible and analytical, however she is not above betrayal, subversion, and outright murder to obtain what she wants, or what she feels is best. She is incredibly intelligent, and this is apparent in her 'business dealings' however some could claim she is also paranoid or insane, due to her actions and demeanor.

Motivation: Adalina is intensely driven by a need to prove herself, despite being five years into heading the Nicoli Crime Family. As she never knew other methods involving social interaction, due to her upbringing, she is also driven by a need for control and information, as she believes she is too far into the business to back out......she may be searching for a way to, but it's at the moment shrouded at best.

Opera House: After the incident, knowing that she could not cover all her bases and would be hunted, Adalina used a combination of her hypnotic voice, media attention from the attack, and bribery in the police department, to convince Law Enforcement and the General Public to believe she was a victim of an assassination attempt of the ruthless Nicoli Mafia, who used the sonic device of a imprisoned tech villain, to kill her. While she has ensured her ruse has worked so far, not all are fooled, and heroes are needed to investigate her claims of innocence.

Heading the Family: After the Opera Incident, many who have worked under her began to question her stability and credibility. Unable to let them walk, as they could expose her crime connections, despite her fingers in the Police. Adalina has since then killed or incapacitated potential rivals in and outside the family, and subjects her henchmen to regular hypnotic suggestions when needed. However, Adalina knows she cannot rely on this method forever, and this particular flaw could be exploited by advantageous villains.

((I realized this turned out WAAAY longer than my first entry, but save your protest to the end, and PLEASE tell me what you think! ))

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for her weakness you may want

for her weakness you may want to say no atmosphere rather than no oxygen. you do not need breathable gasses to propagate sound waves. Sure she would asphyxiate over time, but that should not stop her powers from working.

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