Twitch Upcoming!

We're delaying our Twitch till AFTER a very specific KS update. You'll know what one, we'll talk about the twitch in the update. We need all hands to get this one ready.
Which still means something good is coming.

Rotty's stream ended.
Check him out at right here

Shifting Twitch around

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Shifting Twitch around

When we began the Twitch stream, it was a test to see how well we could maintain it. People enjoy them, but the issue has become clear that not enough people are available to make them regular, on Friday nights. After some checking, it became clear that Wednesdays are a better day for handling the stream, giving us more people who can perform on the stream along with being able to do it earlier in the day.

So, please join us on Wednesday, 1pm PST, for our Twitch stream.

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