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Setting Missions in City of/ and chat panel

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Metal Mountain
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Setting Missions in City of/ and chat panel

I had become used to the way missions were set in the Cty of Heroes. After the game ended, I decided we were spoiled because the games I have tried since then makes it confusing or ambiguous in a team who has what mission or if even a mission is set. If TPP can mimick the team setting features of City of I would be very happy.

Also, the chat panel was more noticable and readable in City of than in many other mmos. I am not certain why but again if you can mimick it you have my undying support!

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Zombie Man
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Our stance is to take what

Our stance is to take what was good about CoH and keep it... and even improve upon it if we can. And everything that was, shall we say, in need of love in CoH, well, we'll love it to death!

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