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Security and Legal Issues

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Security and Legal Issues

I'm not sure who the lead designer and programmers are, so I figured to post it here. I'm also not sure how to get the forum to recognize the html code, so I don't post a wall of text. How far in has the work on the game world and lore been done? Because calling it Titan City and City of Titans could be legally problematic. Also, how are you working the security? The user names, passwords, payment info and authenticated logins need to be encrypted, hashed, etc. You want to set up ways for the player to be able to retrieve a lost password, but to guard against hackers being able to do so. The next concern is the naming conventions for database objects. You want it to be more robust than just Face1, Face2. Use underscores and give descriptive names. Also, DOCUMENT everything, so that future programmers can find and fix stuff faster.

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We're also trying to get the

We're also trying to get the forum to recognize html code. For some reason, the parser for html, which isn't being stripped out, isn't affecting the display. .. // .. This is a Drupal website which is very modular in build. You can add on other modules for functionality, and then, on top of that, coders can make it even prettier, more effective, and more secure. .. // .. In this initial build, there are bound to be bugs and issues at first. Once the Kickstarter is out of the way, our techies will be spending time here cleaning things up. .. // .. One of the reasons we chose Drupal was because of security. Once you enable *all* the security modules, things get locked down rather tightly. These forums are to be integrated into our website, and our authentication server for the game and cash store. .. // .. As CoH did, once we're ready to go Live for the Real Game, we'll probably have to start with a cloned and wiped new site/forms/authenticator and start afresh for security reasons. This means any holes you may see now won't be used against the game once we go Live. .. // .. Thanks for your advice. Oh, and we'll be looking for Web Admin help if you know anyone... :)

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I have been told that the

I have been told that the names we are considering for the game have been vetted, so no worries there.


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