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Sea Holly - The flower that threads the fine line

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Sea Holly - The flower that threads the fine line

Sea Holly is a woman of many mystery. Aside from the Rogue Isle being her place of origin and her being a woman of shapely figure and speaking with a curt alto tune, her age, race, true name and appearance were unknown. No law enforcement has ever seen any skin underneath the full-body suit and encompassing helmet she normally wears and no villains have survived any close encounter with the ruthless assassin-for-hire.

Life has never been Sea Holly's best friend. Between losing her parents to drug and alcohol abuse and being forced to starve on the streets, she quickly learned to pull her own weight and do anything necessary to stay alive, no matter how cruel or evil it was. The concept of heroism put a very bitter and sour taste in her mouth and she considered these heroes to be nothing more than self-serving figures. Offered a chance to stay alive and learn to survive, she snapped up at the chance and joined Arachnos after showing her potential as a ruthless killer. She rose within the ranks as a Night Widow, but even the life of blood and crime kept her unsatisfied. She found herself unwilling to be told what to do and, at one point during an assault by Longbow, she fled from their ranks and became a mercenary unaffiliated with good or evil, working only for the highest bidder. She found herself enjoying the life of walking between the line of good and evil and even took the time to fight against the organization that made her who she is today while amassing as much money as she could, directly from her job or from any side 'assignments'.

However, during one of her tours to Paragon City, she was caught in a battle between Circle of Thorn followers and a group of masked heroes, the former holding the upper hand thanks to a powerful magical artifact. A magical blast from one of the followers caught her with her guard down and her consciousness left her until she woke up the following morning. To her utter horror, the first item of importance she saw was her figure, plastered on the morning news and paper about the attack. Both stated that she had given a helping hand to the heroes, a helping hand she never remembered giving. Although relieved that she didn't reveal her face or give out any information during the entire ordeal, she was nonetheless displeased about the heroic deeds she couldn't remember doing.

From that day forth, she began to suffer from periodic blackouts and woke up learning more and more heroic deeds, big and small, reportedly done by her without her knowledge. Knowing that these heroic actions wouldn't sit well with her reputation as a cold-blooded, pragmatic mercenary, Sea Holly set on to find out what was happening to her, unaware of the other side watching her with the hopes of good and justice to come.