Run. Jump. Fly. Port. Cling? (Tech)

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Run. Jump. Fly. Port. Cling? (Tech)

In a game like we're making, how you get around is as important as how good you look doing it.

Travel powers are a core of the game, and City of Titans is going to make sure you can find something that fits your character's concept, from walking down the street, to leaping from ledge to ledge, to running faster than sound, to flying like a bird, to telling reality to get knotted and simply popping from place to place.

They're still prototypes. The animation's not finished yet, but they're getting better week by week. Here's what things looked like last week.

That's right, we've gone and done some things that people always wanted. Among other things, it means that once things are perfected, we just hook the two together and we get running up walls.

Here's what things look like this week.

There's a few presents in there beyond the obvious. For one thing, this is the first time we've ever shown more than one player at a time. We've had it for a while, but there never seemed a reason for it.

What else can you find?

And what will tomorrow bring?

Now, some of you will ask why we're working on travel powers now. It's a good question. The simple answer is that they're not attached to the combat system, but they have almost every complex requirement a combat system attack has, from animations to world interaction. Using them to answer the tricky questions means that, as we transition towards implementing holds and sleeps and knockback and all the wonderful things you remember, we've got all the answers we need to get them done.

Of course, there's things like smoother animation loops (You see it in superjump - the animation resets) and particle FX, and integration, and a number of other things - but each of those powers you see is an iceberg of solutions, and more keep coming. Welcome to what things look like inside of a development system. It's not always pretty, but it is always good.

Of course, now we can hit 50 MPH, that neighborhood is looking pretty small. We should do something about it.

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