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Now I know this question is probably designed for the future but I ask now because it may not be something that can be answered immediately.

One thing that seems to sink a community feel in a game is lack of enforcement and or uneven enforcement of the rules that have been written. SOme game makers in writing talk big talk and put on a show as intolerant of deviant and disruptive behavior but when it gets down to the reality, they chicken out and let those rule breakers run amok. On the flip side of the same token, some do not enforce the rules evenly. They say and do nothing when someone they like or their buddy break most of the rules but as soon as the target gets fed up and fire back, here they come to save the day with their admin power. And who they ban or punish? Oh no, not their buddy, but the person that fired back and or do not like. That type of activity by the people are supposed to enforce the rules can kill the feeling of a good community fairly quick.

Is there or will there be a plan to create rules that with the plan to have the actual man power to enforce those rules if written? And will there be even enforcement of the rules meaning even if the rule breaker is a buddy, they are still held up to the rule standard just the same as everyone else? AKA no favoritism and no extra leeway for relationship with the rule enforcement while new or people not inside the clique get no break?

With the game being community ran and or developed, I think it's important but often overlook part of running a game. While on the surface it seems miniscule and shouldn't have to baby sit adults, I think it's important to be impartial, fair, and enforce the rules that are written or if the rule wont be enforced, then don't make it a rule. Not to mention not only adults play games and not all adults act like adults.

Yeah it may be harder said than done especially the impartial part because it's easier to assume the worse in someone that is not known and or slighted someone in the past compared to a friend, but I think impartial rule enforcement is very important in creating a community, especially for a game that is being developed with the tag of being by the players for the players.