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RP Organization Origin: "Star Knights" (Knights of Tresidus)

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RP Organization Origin: "Star Knights" (Knights of Tresidus)

{I wanted to create an organization similar to the Novas or Green Lanterns for Titans... but with some unique twists. This is the first attempt, and any thoughts, suggestions, concerns, or complaints, please feel free to post. While I don't intend for this to be a "super group," I am sure there are others out there with a similar idea in mind, and it would be cool to come up with something functional for RP, if people want to use it (or I'll just use it myself and splash happily in my own personal sandbox :P)}

The Tresidus
On Triune V (a planet in the Alnitak triple star system) exists the Tresidus, Citadel of the "Star Knights." This Galactic peace core developed across three star systems when intergalactic trade uncovered three rare elements that, when combined, created "Tresidian" a mineral able to bestow incredible power to a sentient user by tapping into the Zero-Point Force.

The Star Knights
Dedicated to Justice, Compassion, Relativism, and Integrity, the Knights of Tresidus act as intergalactic aid and protection for developing cultures unprepared to defend themselves. Rather than train agents in the manner of a military or monastic order, the "Star Knights" (many prefer being called "Tresidic Knights") explore the galaxy for developing sentient cultures and honors those who exemplify the Tresidic ideals.
As the Knights themselves are ideological relativists, they allow a wide spectrum of philosophical differences into the order. Different cultures may define Justice, Compassion and Integrity differently and knights honor those differences by adhering to the ideology of the culture they are aiding. In this respect, the Order tasks itself with exploring the galaxy for higher forms of sentience and discovering representative knights for them.
When an Acolyte is chosen, they are given a polished stone of Tresidian, these fledgling knights are then left to explore the abilities of the Tresidian Stars (solid emblems of the light-orange or reddish mineral which materialize on the chest and shoulders when summoned by the user) on their own. Those who can harness Tresidian and utilize it up to the standards of the order will eventually find their way back to Triune V and to Tresidus

The Zero-Point Force
Described by the Order as the source and termination of all potential energy, manipulation of the Zero-Point Force enables users to tap into an infinite but exponentially decreasing energy source. In effect, Knights have the ability to affect great change in very narrow windows of distance and time. These effects, though centered immediately around the user can be as varied as they are powerful. Universal abilities include anti-gravity, FTL flight (possibly teleportation), protection from most environmental variables (including cosmic radiation and vacuum), and formidable physical toughness and force (or strength). Ranged offense abilities (thrown constructs or blasts of energy) are easy to produce but have rapidly diminishing returns by distance. Simple, local, physical constructs (shields, blades, clubs, ramps, barriers) are common but not universal.

{that's what i've got so far.... uh, any thoughts?}

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