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Revamp the website

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Kid Rad
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Revamp the website

From the other threads recently, I was thinking what a benefit it would be to work on a revamped website. I know, I know, this is not your top priority, you are working on development. That's fine and well. But is there anyone who could donate their web design skills to the project to make a more aesthetically pleasing and more organized and detailed website? Tabs I would like to see would include:

Who are we? (A list and background of the development team members)
City of Titans (A general description of the game)
-Timeline (a sub group of the City of Titans tab that has a timeline of how the game came to be, when the Kickstarter happened, development milestones over the years, and targets you are shooting for in the near future)
News (Not forum news, blog news)

So does anyone have the skills to contribute to this to help the team get a better website set up? And is the team interested in this at all?

Lin Chiao Feng
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Theoretically, this website

This website is my primary responsibility. So right off the bat, I'm sorry it's, frankly, not up to snuff in several places. The menus aren't organized the best, and I'm working on this (among several other things related to the site).

No, I'm not done with the site aesthetics. The main goal has been to keep the site going and internally document how it's set up, since frankly I'm a latecomer to the team. That said, there are several upgrades in the pipeline, and I am aware of the fact that I'm breaking the "Real artists ship!" rule. I hope to get at least a couple of these out this month, though they might not be that interesting to you.

Taking your suggestions in order:

  • Who we are: Grimfox has a thread listing our outed devs. We also have devs who are intentionally hiding their dev status and devs who aren't on these forums and don't want to be bothered. For now, Grimfox's thread matches who's gone public. (And personally, writing up our backgrounds right now, long before we get to beta, just feels like navel gazing.)
  • Description of the game: Everything in the "Guides" menu is the details of the game that have been released.
  • Timeline: How this came to be and when the Kickstarter happened are on the Kickstarter page and would probably be copied from there; development milestones aren't public at this time (and from what I can tell, rarely are on other games), and the target we're shooting for is a Fall 2018 launch.
  • News: "blog news"? The news we have is the stuff we post as Kickstarter Updates.

TL;DR: We don't have that on the site because it isn't released yet.

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