Over Labor Day Weekend, our repository server gained sentience and walked away.

It's back and said it just went for a walkabout and didn't mean to cause any distress. What is interesting though, is it will neither confirm nor deny the existence of these "motorheads" we've heard about.

Thank you all for your concern, and batteries.

The motherboard manufacturer sent a replacement part and we have put the repository server back together. We are back up and running and will now continue our regularly scheduled programming. (please pardon the pun)

Reminder: Come see us at Pax West

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Reminder: Come see us at Pax West

We'd like to take this opportunity to remind you all that we're going to be at Pax West, along with representatives from the other two successor projects, Casey McGeever of Ship of Heroes and Chad Dulack of Valiance Online. Head on down to the Cat Theatre this Sunday at 8 pm to see our President and all he has to present about City of Titans.

On the other hand, if you're one of the very many who can't attend that particular convention (or just don't like conventions), come by in a week and we'll have a proper update covering as much of the material as we can fit on a web page.



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