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"Registered crimefighter" - How exactly does it work?

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It's a really interesting

It's a really interesting concept theoretically. I'm wondering whether it could have any application in the game itself... Because CoT will identify characters using our global handle, we could each create a character with the same alias. For example, if I create a character named Captain Copycat, the game will know him as Captain Copycat @ Cinnder, but the 'lore' of the game world (NPCs, etc) will just know him as Captain Copycat. If anyone else made a Captain Copycat, the local lore elements would see him (or her) as having the same name. Hmmm...

EDIT: Fixed as per Foradain (thanks!)

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Strike that, reverse it.

Strike that, reverse it.

"Captain Copycat @ Cinnder"

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Hmm. An environment where

Hmm. An environment where people can choose among identities at will, but registration and documentation are still possible? Doesn't that sound like something familiar?

Actually, the source material (i.e. comics) covered most Internet behavior long before there was an Internet...just in physical analogue.

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Atama wrote:
Atama wrote:

“Impersonation of an Alias” is probably a serious crime in the Titanverse. But it might be hard to prove. If you register as Red Roach and someone else claims to be Red Roach and starts committing acts in your name that make you look bad (maybe not breaking the law but doing stupid things) then you’d want to stop them from dragging your name through the mud. How can you prove you’re the real Red Roach if your secret identity is, well, secret?

I wonder if you could have some “security questions” or other privileged info established at registration which you would know and an impostor wouldn’t. But then if someone stole that info (blasted telepaths!) they could commit super identity theft.

A smart hero might pay for Alias Insurance with a group like Super Life Lock which monitors news feeds for activity related to your identity and notifies you if something seems suspicious. “A person named Red Roach just fought a giant ape on the Main Avenue Bridge, if this was you press YES, if not press NO and a representative will assist you.”

This whole subject seems fascinating to me. You could do a whole story on alias rehabilitation companies that try to fix a hero’s alias.

Also, I wonder if switching an alias without properly notifying registrars would be a crime? If your alias is trashed by some poser, why not just go with a new name and costume? It also seems like a good way to hide from crimes and other misdeeds you might have committed in the past. Maybe law enforcement has a Costumed Identity Investigations (CII) team that tries to link different aliases together to prove that a person committed a crime as a different identity?

This. I love this. You should write for MWM, or at least spitball ideas for them.

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