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Refactoring Club

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Lin Chiao Feng
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Refactoring Club

Something amusing I ran across online a couple weeks ago, mostly of interest to developers:

Rules of Refactoring Club

  1. You do not talk about refactoring club
  2. You do not talk about refactoring club
  3. One refactoring at a time
  4. Refactoring will go on as long as it has to
  5. If it's your first night at refactoring club, you have to refactor

I've been doing this at work for a long time (just not codified with these rules) and it's worked out pretty well. "Yes, I know you don't see the problem with copypastaing the same 10 lines of boilerplate code, with small changes, every time you need to log some event. That's the problem."

Several times, at the get-togethers in San Jose, I heard the CoH devs complain that they were scared of modifying most of the code because it was untenable spaghetti. That's what you get when you never refactor, when every last developer second has to be justified as some kind of new feature, because that's the only thing that gets approved.

Anyway, not directly game related outside the back end operations, but a fun read.

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Seems like this sort of thing

Seems like this sort of thing is the bulk of what I tend to post. Same Results via Different Means. Naturally, when I state flat out that the whole point and purpose of the exercise is to NOT change the results, while at the same time opening up new opportunities and potentials in other areas, the first thing people say is "Why bother?" since the existing code produces the results already (so why change anything at all?).

Needless to say, that kind of obtuse Missing The Point Of The Exercise response tends to be rather annoying for me.

So yeah, refactoring is most definitely under-appreciated.

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I have no idea about anything

I have no idea about anything to do with developing.

Art I do know. I majored in Art in collage, till I lost my inspiration and just stopped making art. I would often do the same image over and over using different paints, canvass or drawings with charcoal, pencil or pen. Same model same shape but different mediums. So I can very easily trying different means to get same or similar result.

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