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Questions and Answers: March and April

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Questions and Answers: March and April

Will City of Titans have interactive effects and/or combos between different power sets?
Because of the complexity involved, we are not currently planning on it. However it is something we will look at further down the road. City of Titans is designed, as much as possible, to be modular and open to changes and improvements during its lifetime.

Will it be all about the end-game content like other MMOs, or will there be plenty of content and other incentives released to support alting?
While we won’t be ignoring end-game content, City of Titans will be alt-centric. Not only will there be content released for the entire level range throughout its lifetime, but we’ve designed several systems, both content centric and others, to enhance the experience of alting.

Will players be able to customize minions? If so, how much?
Yes, players will be able to customize minions, and that is one part of why Commanders will need more time to release. As to how much, we can’t entirely say yet, but we consider it important you have some control over minion looks.

What will be MWM’s approach towards PvP balance?
First, we intend to ensure any player can escape any other player if you need or want to. For those who stand and fight, it’s a little like Rock Paper Scissors, in that balance is in the big picture, not the one on one. Every class will not be equal against every other class, but each class will, overall, have a roughly equal bundle of situations and match-ups at which they excel and at which they are at a disadvantage.

How will the Devs cope with the gold spammers and bots?
We can’t talk explicit details yet. But we want to assure everyone we don’t think having an up-front cost makes us immune to these pests. We’re aware being prepared for them is very important and have given a lot of thought to the matter, and will give a lot more as we approach launch day. No heads in the sand here, we know they’re coming.

Will City of Titans have a /hide and /ghide function?

Will you be able to hide the UI in City of Titans?

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