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Quest area pvp

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Quest area pvp

I think it would be a good idea to have a massive open quest zone that allows pvp. A zone that has 2 safe zones for each faction, castles, forts or bases a place to get your team together, grab quests, stock up on potions and sell items in an auction house. A place that has rare giant monsters that drop rare items monsters that take a real good team to take down. Quests that give good rewards a place that is always full a bit like the game aion. That way to pvp will not die out like it did in city of heroes and pve players will get chances to take part in pvp. In the last few years of city of heroes zone pvp died off and every one just done arena pvp. I wouldn't like to see that to city of titans.

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Bear in mind, the devs are

Bear in mind, the devs are quite clear about not forcing anyone to PvP, so if those rewards are too good, or the monsters have some kind of an achievement tied to them that would nix the whole idea.

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