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PvP Scenario: Search and Rescue

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PvP Scenario: Search and Rescue

Rules: Place Hero teams at ends against each other, red base versus blue base. NPCs are lost in the middle ground. 4 total NPC pickups waving their arms to be rescued - 2 for each team. As one dies there is reset time before a new NPC is avaulable. The "pick-up" spot that is active isn't shown on map but is one of 9 preselected spots that are randomized. Once you find the soldier from your squad you will press the interact button to begin escorting them back to base.

Objective: Whoever gets the most civilians back safely wins (These NPC's will have to be willing to keep walking during the fight instead of joining in nor cowering while not out of combat). NPC's only become attackable once they are "activated". Recon will be neccesary in order to spot them.

There are some special considerations that I'd like to see specifically for this PvP.

1) Take the UI into account - Suggest (Set if Neccesary) HUD Setting when entering the zone. Half the fun is "finding" the action. Its not as fun if you just have the life bars set to "always" and it shows you what direction to run in.

2) Bigger Area than any other PvP Zone - Travel powers and speed are gonna be HUGE in this (taking away from the might is right campaigners). So make sure that the time it takes from Battle zone to battle zone is large enough. I'm thinking around the same size as the Adventure Pack Zones. **See reasoning in the notes**

3) Pickup Placement - Please dont make all of the NPC's walk in the same direction. All Red NPCs shouldn't go South while all Blue NPC's go North. Put some West Some East.. really make us look to see which spot they're at. And please truly make them randomized.

4) Look into Non-Friendly NPCs that can/will tie you up in battle. Could be a boon could be a bad Idea. I was thinking lace the stage with travel removing NPCs to help out.. but i'm not sure about it yet.

5) Make the rewards favor the other types out there besides DPS/Bricks. Like awesome Perception gear, Controller power cost decreasers, Hold Boosters, etc. Not just items for the stat lovers or luchador lovers.

This scenario could reward quite a few extra skills:
Stealth - for those who want to "sniper" off the NPC's from a distance. and One Shot Enemies
Healing - BIG plus to have healers on your team in this scenario.
Rez- I dunno if this is currently functional but if you could rez the NPC's health that'd be amazing (timed after death).
Traps - Because the NPC pickup places would be known it's possible to set traps (items, bombs, etc) for them as they make their way back.
Crowd Control - Stopping the NPC should still be possible with a Hold (maybe they have weaker hold breaking powers to truly make this effective).
Speed - Not loved by many Min/Maxers to spend Adv Points in speed, but this scenario will favor the swift.

Team fight Mechanics - to be most successful your squad would likely assign roles: Searcher, Healer, Protector, Predator. IF the space is vast enough, the toons won't be able to run quickly from one battle to the other without having the consequence of "being too late". If everyone runs to do their own thing it's almost assuredly going to fail

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Can we give the rescued NPCs

Can we give the rescued NPCs stuff to make them easier to rescue, like jetpacks, forcefields, and cloaking devices?

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