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Procedural Map Maker Question

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Procedural Map Maker Question

I'm curious what the capabilities of the procedural map maker are/will be. Is it only office interiors? Or can it be used for things like cave systems, large industrial warehouses, plane hangars, schools, apartment complexes, etc?

On a semi-similar note, but not regarding the PMM, will there be 'instances' outside?

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I imagine those will be

I imagine those will be pretty easy ;) And pretty sure they won't be the hideous mazes from the Old City

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As long as we don't get

As long as we don't get unmonitored swaths of neighborhoods from the procedural generator the way CO did in City Center. I just love the garage doors that are 3/4 blocked by an alley wall two feet away, basement windows embedded in the concrete sidewalks, and shopping districts with no street access.

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I know i have seen something

I know i have seen something in a video which show the system of the interior map which will fit with any interior style but i can find the video :/ i just remember the demo video took place in a lava cave with a warrior... I fi can find it, i will put it here.

Find it !
On this subject :
here is the video of the plugin acquird by MWM (and probably improved ^^)