Phantom Ronin - Character concept

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Phantom Ronin - Character concept

Phantom Ronin
Name: TNX-39319
Age : 3 years old, artificially aged into his mid 20's
Height: 6,3
Hair: Bald
Eye Color: Brown
Archetype: Enforcer
Can lift around 2 tons
Improved agility
Masters of various martial arts
Wall Running.
Ability to hack into system.
Uses smoke bomb


Hard to pin down, he has a genuine desire to help people around him and fight those he deems dangerous to others, which actually seem to make him have outbursts of anger, which would shock most people who knows him . However, he feels a genuine unease around others and usually has a hard time relating to anyone around him, not only because of the time displacement, but also because he has a hard time thinking like a human. He is a loner by all definition, but he is friendly to anyone around him. He spent most of time learning about the world around him and trying to understand it.


In the year 2171, Titan city is one of the major megapolis of the North American Alliance. A place where people flocks to escape the environmental degradation that make life hazardous for the common citizenry of the NAA anywhere else. The people of the multi-level city are quick to find that there's no opportunity of them. Technology has replace men in most domain and only those that are already rich prosper. Even the heroes of the previous era found themselves outdated and outmatched by the surveillance and military technologies widely available to those able to afford them. The people in thigh were banished to the low-tech undercity along the rest of population. The ones gifted with super powers are now mainly gangster fighting for territory who hopes to get notice by the corporation so they make fortune being mercenaries in their shadow war against each other. The governments of the NAA is just a placeholder or a vestige that don't have the resources or even the will to oppose the never ending strife.

TyroGlobal controls most of the infrastructure in the Upper city. The corporation is utterly ruthless in its pursuit of an advantage over the competition. One of the many ethically questionable action it took to do this is the uses of blanks as test subject. Humans being grown artificially in tanks for the specific purpose of being used as guinea pigs. The type of experiments inflicted on them ensure that 98% of them dies within hours of their birth. Those that survives are usually euthanize since they are no longer useful or sold to the black market where they are used as slaves or turned into fighters or simple target for the various blood sports of the under city.

TNX-39319 was just another blank destined to be a lab rat. In fact, he has no real memory of ever being fully human. After he was pulled out of the tank, he was kept unconscious for a long time, so that a lot of his organs and limbs could be replaced by cybernetic implants through surgery, even part of his brain were given the treatment. Tyroglobal made sure his behaviour could be programmed like a machine. The machinery on him were largely untested prototype.

He was tested by the company for a long time to check the range of his physical ability and he performed well above their expectation. He would have probably become the first of many, if the laboratory where he was developed had not been attacked by a Five dragons strike group seeking to take the technology for themselves by stealing the prototype and destroying the research.

Capturing TNX-39319 was actually fairly simple for them, he had no self-defence instinct in his body and after he was hacked by the criminals, he immediately changed master. The gangsters brought him to their leader. The woman was intrigue that a creation of such capacity was apparently defenceless. She sensed great potential in him as an enforcer for their faction and so she started to have him trained by one of her lieutenant.

The lieutenant in question was a former heroine, a woman of over 200 years of age and most of her powers were now gone. She was once an idealist in the time of heroes, but now seemed bitter and cynical, by what happed. She did however like to recount story to him of the old days. Which in fact gave her an idea that she quickly proposed to her boss.

The five dragons should sell the service of the cyborg to the highest bidder and have him pose as a classic selfless superhero that fought corporate power. His action would appear to not be tied to the five dragons in any way or whoever hired them, which meant no retribution.

She gave him the identity of Phantom Ronin and essentially had him pop in and out attacking corporation hold out and even rivals gang., without him being truly aware of what was really going on. For some time it worked pretty well

The people of Titan city seem to quite like their new saviour and apparently it was all part of a larger plan by his mentor. Because one night, he was out on one of his errand and fell into a trap she had set up. She hacked his system and broke the restriction he had on him, allowing him to have self-control for the first time in his life and also destroyed most of his previous memories, he had of interacting with the gang. In fact, he immediately attacked her as he was now trying to defend himself and his system were marking her as a criminal. However, once he managed to get his hand on her, he couldn't go any further.

While his memories were now a confuse mess, he knew he was a hero. This brief moment of hesitation, gave his mentor an opportunity to escape. Which left him with questions he still has to this day as he never saw her since that day.

He felt however that his purpose was to fight the oppressive corporate tyranny as well as the gang as it was the only thing he remembered doing. Unshackled by control, he quickly started to escalate his fight against the powers that be.

It wasn't too long before he found himself fighting against the five dragons, when he met their boss, she knew he could easily defeat her. So instead she used at time displacement spell to send him at a random point in time.

The power blast of the spell alone was more than enough to disrupt his system and reset his ability back to zero. However, he hopes to gain them back. He's unsure if he should go back to his time he finds the early 21st century quite interesting.

I wanted to make a character that's very cyberpunky that felt like he could come from a possible future of Titan city (TryoGlobal meant to be a merger of Tyrosine and New World) ,since I like tying it to the lore as much as possible.

I feel it is very much a prototype.