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My first hope is the Arena is reintroduced. The hours spent in there practising and honing our skills was frightening.
If the Arena is reintroduced the best competition ever rund was the S4 competions which involved the pentad teams. A very pure form and incredibly rewarding competion.


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I understand what you mean by

I understand what you mean by a "pure form" PvP - one of each main class/type. The problem with CoT is that the whole AT/class/hero/villain system is going to be completely different than CoH. Not sure if you'd be able to have an easily standardized team versus team like that. You'd probably have to come up with a new "standard" you could all agree on that might even involve some weird new number associated with it (i.e. 11 versus 11) or some-such.

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"A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad"

Please have Scaling decals!

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