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The Peacekeepers

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The Peacekeepers

Intake Information:

Current Membership Intake Status: Recruiting

We are currently accepting applications on an on going basis. If you or your friends are interested in applying to The Peacekeepers, please write the needed information in a word file and send to me through skype: SomR9922

In order to be considered for membership, you should:

Have an original, well-developed character, with superheroic name and iconic concept.
Have a positive, friendly, and respected reputation both here and in the Superhero Gaming Community.
Have a great attitude.
Actively participate in our game of choice, City of Titans (once it comes), or be a sponsor, in one way or an other, for the group.
Look to contribute to the team's growth and enjoy being apart of a group that focuses on quality over quantity.

Guidelines and Tips for Submitting an Application:

- Character must be at least 18 years old to be a member of The Peacekeepers proper.
- Characters between the ages of 13-17 will be considered members of The Peacekeeper Academy, but will still exist under the Peacekeeper Banner.
- Character must be your main.
- Character should not be a killer, or "anti-hero" type.
- Character should not be a "clone" of a pre-existing hero or villain in the comic world.
- Visuals of your character are required. (Screenshots, Digital photography, Artwork, Fabrica de Herois, Screenshots, etc.)
- Any reference to "Iconic" in the application refers to a character having an enduring, timeless quality, either through his or her history, ideals, or appearance and optimally a collection of all three.
- Proper grammar and punctuation go a long way! (but is of course not a true requirement, since I am, myself, from Denmark and also have a few downsides when it comes to english, as you might see.)


What The Peacekeepers need at the moment is as follows:

- A working homepage
- A few great folks to help run the group and what may follow
- Members :)

Best Regards

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Ohh.. Peacekeepers, like from

Ohh.. Peacekeepers, like from Farscape? :)

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I don't know about that serie

I don't know about that serie/movie, so not quite :)

Ed Williams
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Glad you were able to be so

Glad you were able to be so creative and original. As a founding member of The Peacekeepers guild ( I strongly encourage you to come up with your own league, guidelines, and so forth. You can't rip our copy from our site and expect to ride on the heels of what a community of people created without consequence. This is in very poor taste. If I find out that our brand and its assets are being used (as well as any characters, past, present, and future) there will be some serious repercussions here.

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Too bad there isnt a Wiki

Too bad there isnt a Wiki that list them All already. ;)

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Edwas right this was taken

Edwas right this was taken from The Peacekeepers web site.This reached my eyes before his and I knew he would eventually post here. For those who don't know, the peacekeepers were guild fonded on the dcuoSource forums by Overdrive and National Guard who is known as doc simian on these forums and is currently one of my Guildmates, Lunar ray and Ed here. When the original founders left, Ed took over. As time passed people left for different reasons Ed and a few of the remaining members formed a comic company called arclight while the others that left got together and formed lighthouse. Ed and each respective member own copyrights as a result. Hope this clears things up.

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Oh, I found this interesting

Oh, I found this interesting topic for a long time. Until now, it's still useful.
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