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Pages for forum threads

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Pages for forum threads

Please can we have the option to display how many posts that we can view at any one point in time in a thread.

Right now, I can see this being a problem when a thread starts getting past 50 posts, it gets arduous to scroll through and read.

As an idea: is currently at 68 posts, and all on a single page.

I know that goes over two pages, but it has 91 posts on the 1st page, and the remainder 40 odd on the 2nd page.

Is there a way for US as a user to change this? or is it going to be up to the forum mods to decide what is "best for business and the user" and let us suffer with whatever you guys decide?

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Even though I prefer the

Even though I prefer the opposite (as many posts as possible per page), I do agree that that would be a useful feature to have, especially since many forums do have a posts per page setting.

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