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Origin of Meta Brawler

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Origin of Meta Brawler

Super Hero Name: Meta Brawler

Gender: Male

Age: "redacted"

Physical Appearance: 6' 6" , muscular build, young looking,

Personality: Easy going but serious. He Blames himself for his team's death. Sometimes he even sees and talks to their ghosts.

Super Strong, Invulnerable, Military Black ops training: Strategy, Leadership: Assault, Maneuvers and Tactics, Hand to Hand, Weaponry and Ordinance,

Shortly after the creation of the UN on June 26, 1945, the security council of the time realized that in order create a lasting peace between nations, it would have to create a strong independent military force. This force would have to be comprised of human and meta humans working side by side to achieve their goals. During World War II, Axis forces under the control of Germany had begun experimenting on meta humans in an effort to clone and augment their abilities. The German SS would seek out and kidnap meta humans all of the world to use for their experiments. They believed in the supremacy of the master race and sought to strengthen their race by unlocking the genetic secrets that lay in the blood of meta humans. These scientists were way ahead of their time combining occult mysticism with advanced technology and robotics. Some intelligence reports even indicated that the Nazi's had recovered crashed alien craft and have taken great lengths to reverse engineer that technology. These experiments resulted in enhanced soldiers with abilities that far exceeded anything the Allied Forces had.

Conventional Allied forces fought fiercely and died bravely against these enhanced Axis soldiers. Were it not for a few brave heroes who sacrificed themselves and defeated these monstrosities, the war might have gone the other way. This company of heroes were able to smuggle a small tactical nuke into the underground Nazi lab where these abominations where being created. The nuke was the first of its kind, created by the American scientific think tank, The Manhattan Project. Which would later use it as a template for two larger versions. Sadly, all of the soldiers of that tactical strike team went missing and are presumed KIA. Save one, who was horribly injured and dismembered. The commanding officer of the op, Major Augustus Caesarion.

Allied commanders realized that their narrow victory with conventional forces was extremely fortunate. The security council decided that they too needed meta human soldiers. After trying for months with no significant results, a breakthrough occurred. German Nazi scientists involved in black experiments and genetic manipulation were being extracted from Germany and given asylum in the United States under a covert military program titled Operation "Paper Clip". The UN was fortunate enough to secure most of the laboratory data of the Germans along with the lead German scientist involved, Their hope was to combine the Nazi research along with their own research. The result, a gene therapy process delivered through a viral pathogen that would enable even the most ordinary soldier fantastic strength, regeneration, cognitive function, invulnerability, and durability. This classified undertaking was known as the Meta Brawler Project.

The candidate chosen was none other that Major Augustus. He was selected for his leadership, strategy, and of course his.........expendability. The chances of survival were slim, but that didn't matter to the major. The emotional pain and trauma of losing his team was enough to give him the courage and strength to survive. Once the gene therapy solution was synthesized it was administered to the major in several doses. Each dose more painful than the last. The majors screams filled the rooms and the labs as his body underwent significant changes. The viral pathogen spread the gene therapy at a cellular level. To everyone's surprise the experiment was a huge success. The majors limbs began to regenerate along with increased muscle mass and cellular density. Plans were quickly developed to begin mass production. However, unbeknownst to anyone, the chief German scientist heading the program was a high ranking member of the 5th Column and was secretly in communication with Requiem! He perfected the gene therapy during the war but lacked a delivery method. He used the allies' resources to complete his research. Now that his work was realized he had to get back to Germany. He knew escaping from the heavily secured American lab was not going to be easy, so he attempted to augment himself with a different version of the gene therapy formula. One he had corrupted using occult mysticism rituals. The gene therapy program granted him the same abilities however he became horribly disfigured. Like many of his brethren in the reich, the good doctor's vanity was of upmost importance. Blonde hair blue eyes and fair skin were to revered above all else. But now, he was something...else. Seeing his horribly disfigured and mutated body drove him into a mad rage! The mutated scientist stole all of his research including the remaining vials of the gene therapy and destroyed everything else. He fled into the night vowing to continue his research and to build the fuhrers meta human army. This corrupted formula would serve later as the basis for the creation of the 5th Columns werewolves and vampyri forces.

The official report states that the formula must have drove the scientist mad and resulted in the destruction of the lab. The program was then deemed unsafe by the U.N. Security Council and too unpredictable to use on a mass scale. Major Augustus was submitted to a battery of psyche and physical tests to determine the extent of his new abilities. Having successfully gone through the program he was then incorporated into the U.N. as representative for America and given the responsibility of heading a special division of the U.N. Security Council that deals exclusively with meta humans, Meta Force.

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