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The Origin of Kaxiya

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The Origin of Kaxiya

How does one define their existence with such a beginning? What sort of soulless creature must one be to gain life from the corpse of another? Yet, such is exactly how I was born into this life.

Oh, you can say it was not intentional, that one has no control over how they are brought into existence. But still, she was my mother...

Grashial was her name. Smallest of the four moons orbiting Alintia. I am told she was beautiful to behold, with a pearlescent, almost silvery-white hue. One could look upon her face with a, almost rapturous, stirring deep within their soul.
Katinba, eldest of the three survivors, was easily three times the size of his brothers. Golden, shining, powerful and proud. Mighty Katinba was the most prominent in the night's sky.
Yatish, the youngest and most distant of my relatives, was somehow closest to me. You, could look upon his ruby and crimson personage and think him violent, as fiery and chaotic as his landscape suggests. You would of course be right. Yet, for all that, he was surprisingly kind and generous with me.
Xilan, the middle of the three siblings, was farthest from his younger brother in temperament if not geography. Sporting a tranquil blue visage, he was gentle and almost motherly in his attentions. Perhaps it's being the middle sibling that precipitated his almost need to be the diplomatic voice between his other two brothers.
Alintia, a mid-sized planet as such things go, was populated by a diverse array of life, which shared something not often found in other worlds. Magic! Enchanties as they were known was abundant, indeed it was everywhere and used for the most common of tasks. From the pulling of water and sewage, to lighting of streets or preparing food. Indeed, Whole studies and professions were devoted to the art and its many forms.

My coming was foretold by the peoples of Alintia. A shower of comets heralded in my arrival and on that day my mother, beautiful Grashial, shone with such brilliance, the sun itself paled by comparison. Katinba drew around his sibling fearing her safety as well as that of neighboring Alintia. A cataclysmic shudder overwhelmed Grashial, and my mother, my wondrous mother, gave the ultimate sacrifice, so that I might live.

I almost believe I heard her joyous sigh in that instant. When, the smallest and most adored moon of Alintia gave birth and exploded with such force that, had Katinba not intervened, devastation on a global scale would have been foregone. The physical body that was my mother, as well as the fires of her womb, wreaked tremendous havoc upon my uncle. His once golden face forever cloaked in shadows of soot and debris, hiding his devastation and scars. Yatish and Xilan, furthest from my mother, were spared any direct unpleasantness of my arrival, though they suffered the after effects of her passing.

I Emerged with a primal cry!
Raw from a loss so pronounced, the very ether itself was scorched asunder. Magic, lifeblood of Alintia, suddenly surged, winking out like a candle caught in an elemental maelstrom. It took several months before the Enchanties would function again, as if the very heavens themselves paused in morning for the mother I would never know.

Thus was I born. An unwitting assassin, tempered and shaped by the events of my mothers sacrifice and pain, her love. My family never blamed me for her loss. Indeed, they would deny my guilt in mothers demise and tell of how she named me for my uncles, that I might know the love she bore them, and through them, me. Others were not so forgiving. Prophets, soothsayers, learned men, some of whom foretold that I was fated to destroy Alintia and all that I hold dear. What could they know "is" certain? Even one such as I am not permitted to discern all the possible futures, yet.

So now I journey, knowing what my coming has cost, in the hopes of finding some measure of peace among the stars. Maybe, just maybe, I can escape fate's destiny and if lucky, make my own.

I am Kaxiya...

A new beginning, forged from hope never ending!!

Beacon of Blazing Faith--The Titan Legacy

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I am Major MENACE! I am the

I am Major MENACE! I am the future ruler of the WORLD! Some narrow-minded fools have called me MAD but I will show THEM! My minions are hidden all over the globe and in many guises. Soon I will order them to rise up and take over the world! Or...make me a pizza...I LOVE pizza...

I remember when Star Wars was cool...a long, long time ago...