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One Shot: A Tech Milestone Reached

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One Shot: A Tech Milestone Reached

While it's not always easy to see progress happening in the coding and programming side of development, we do get some interesting news from time to time.

Zack 'ShadowElusive' Singer of our development team told us recently:

"We achieved a major milestone on Tuesday.

In order to release the Avatar Builder, two things needed to happen. It needed a final rebuild, and it needed to be rebuilt to work as an extension of the game to be - and as something that could be extended into the game.

While we're used to thinking of the Avatar Builder as a room full of UI where we build the character, mostly that's just UI hooks informing a far more complex, but distinct, piece of code: Dresser, a function that tells the game exactly how any avatar should look. Every detail from morphs to colors of costume pieces is controlled by this, and it is used for both PC's and NPCs. The Avatar Builder, marvelous as it is, is really just code allowing the player to tell Dresser what your avatar should look like.

As of Tuesday July 30th, Jamie 'GeeksGoneBad' Cunningham succeeded in getting Dresser to work in the new, rebuilt, ready to be extended and distributed environment. The UI and other hooks unique to the Avatar Builder is the next, relatively simpler, step."

Thanks to Zack, Jamie, and all the rest of the team working behind the scenes to make City of Titans happen.

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