Over Labor Day Weekend, our repository server gained sentience and walked away.

It's back and said it just went for a walkabout and didn't mean to cause any distress. What is interesting though, is it will neither confirm nor deny the existence of these "motorheads" we've heard about.

Thank you all for your concern, and batteries.

The motherboard manufacturer sent a replacement part and we have put the repository server back together. We are back up and running and will now continue our regularly scheduled programming. (please pardon the pun)

Offering my services - Business Management

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Tsume Eiranis
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Offering my services - Business Management

I am offering my expertise for any business administrative duties you may have.

I am finishing my 3rd semester of a BA degree in business management. On top of that I have 3 years of work experience in accounting and controlling and did a vocational education, another 3 years, as an industrial clerk/manager.

Part of my degree is also a 5 months internship and I am more than happy to incorporate this with a volunteer position and continue to help and support this project beyond that.

If you would like to know more, please PM me or give me a reply here so I can prepare my CV, certificates and qualifications.