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A long standing tradition in comics has been the newspaper. Daily Bugle, Daily Planet.

It would be awesome to see that in game.

Perhaps the front page could be a write up of the current content event. Or if pvp ever had rankings, the leader board top 3 screen caps on the front page.

You could see rankings for events in later pages. And even have like "Want adds" in the back as side missions.

If there was ever a nemesis system implemented perhaps the players Front page would have an event like "Night Terror calls out Dark Defender to meet for showdown in 2 days time!"

It's a classic theme in comics. And instead of having to go to just some terminal to check things, you just go to a news stand.

You could even have newsie npcs shout stuff out to the hero if there's an important world event.

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As mentioned in several

As mentioned in several updates, we have at least one certified newspaper, the Titan City Herald. As to the assorted other things you mentioned, well, that's for other people to chime in on.


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Front Page of the Titan City

Front Page of the Titan City Herald

Golf Course Avengers Save the Day!

Starting from the left
Eagle, Birdy, and Mr the T, stopped Water Hazzard and Bunker from ruining Hole 9 in a battle for the ages! The Rough is still at large.

Mr the T was available for comment, "We're gonna get that fool!"

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Mister E. was missing too. We

Mister E. was missing too. We need the Scooby gang to crime solve it. :)

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The Detective Dog squad was

The Detective Dog squad was almost foiled by a cleverly placed hotdog stand planted to distract Mr Doo's heightened senses when Ms Spectacle noticed the stashed duffle in a hidden compartment of the hotdog stand.

"We knew all along it was the hotdog vendor, it was all part of the plan to draw out Mister E." Said The Jock.

"Totally, Mister E is all about following the clues" Blondie added.

There is a reward for finding Mister E and the Detective Dog squad is offering honorary membership. The last know sighting was near Titan Greens.