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New Titans

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New Titans

Hiya Guys
I'm a bit of a fan of Greek mythology, specially older stuff, the Titans. I'm also a superhero fan and loved CoX. Now we have this game and interests merge, heh heh.
The thought arises, we could use the characters from Mythology as the background for new CoT characters.
As you may be aware, The Titans where the children of Gaea, basically they define the different aspects of nature. They fought the Olympians and lost, and where confined to Tartarus, and later were released.
Actually, the myths tell us that the Titans were generally good guys, they lived with Humans and shared their gifts with us, they protected nature (Gaea), until Kronos spoiled it all.
So, what if in the modern day various Titans (and Titanids) came down to earth and had children with humans, or blessed select humans with their power, creating a new race of superhero's.

My own character is planned to be the child of the Titan Krios (I'm wanting a defense set, to mimic immortality, and a ranged kinetic blast set).

So here is some information you might like (or not, its optional), which may give you ideas for different characters.
I've aligned the Titans to the planetary powers they represent, some of this is debatable, and there are other Titans you may find.

Sun. Hyperion (Dweller on high), Helion (the sun),
Moon. Coeus (Sphere of Heaven), Atlas (Strength)
Mars. Perses (the destroyer), Menoetius (defiance), Pallas (warcraft)
Mercury. Promethius (forethought), Epimethius (afterthought)
Jupiter. Astraeus (starry sky), Iapetus (sender of fate)
Venus. Oceanus (oceans)
Saturn. Kronos (time) Krios (the ram)

Sun. Theia (divine), Eos (dawn)
Moon. Selene (the moon), Hecate (witchqueen)
Mars. Eurybia (flint hearted)
Mercury. Mnemosyn (memory)
Jupiter. Themis (right, destine, fates), Asteria (starlight)
Venus. Tethys (settler, nurisher nurse), also many other nymph goddesses
Saturn. Rhea (the land), Leto (sabe vested).

A few other bits of information, Hyperion is the east pillar, Coeus the north, Krios the south, Iapetus the west (this is where they held Uranus when Kronos overthrew him),
Also a few of the Titanids are cosmic level Deities, in particular the sisters Asteria (starlight, which everything is made of), and Leto (sable vested, ie, nature robed in the night, everything within nothing)

Hope this spawns a few ideas.


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I don’t know the full lore

I don’t know the full lore but there is a reason the game is called City of TITANS.

The idea of using mythology as a setting has come up many times. In the lore I believe they are saying those myths of titans and Olympians were in truth Superpowered people.

At this point in development I’m sure the Lore bible is firmly in placed to the point it being used to make sure new stories and missions fit.

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