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We're delaying our Twitch till AFTER a very specific KS update. You'll know what one, we'll talk about the twitch in the update. We need all hands to get this one ready.
Which still means something good is coming.

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New Guy here


I have been skulking around for a week now reading various topics and trying to get a feel for what this game is and is going to become..

I stumbled upon this forum by looking on how to DL COH. I played once a long time ago and had the urge to play again.

I am however, confused on a couple things and this maybe because I didn't find the correct thread or maybe because I am new and don't understand some of the topics of they are referring on how COH used to be or how COT is. What I am trying to say is..the game and beta still haven't been released yet correct? I am assuming so but again some topics I read indicate that there is playable content.

And is there a topic dedicated to the story of COT. I just read the latest Lore piece and couldn't find anything else. Any help would be awesome.


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Check out kickstarter. The

Check out kickstarter. The phoenix project - city of titans. That will get you up to speed on a lot of the concepts that people are talking about and has a lot of the lore. There is no playable build yet; just some vids of internal play testing of concepts.

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Nope, no alpha or beta yet.

Nope, no alpha or beta yet.
Over at Winter's Kickstarter Update Reference List, Winter has collected links to almost all the Kickstarter updates. Scroll down for the section on lore updates.

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Greetings itztalLike others

Greetings itztal

Like others said there is no Alpha yet. Just test videos. However our Sister Game Valiance Online does have a playable Alpha

Don't be afraid to ask questions we are more than glad to answer what we can. I even had some past experience in the development of City of Titans during the brainstorming stage.

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And, of course, there is the

And, of course, there is the 'chat engine' over at Paragon Chat, which uses files from the old CoH to provide an environment.,190.0.html

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Thanks so much for all the

Thanks so much for all the help!