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Neck pieces

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Neck pieces

The one thing that I really, really want to see is...neck coverage. Sounds strange, but it seems like no matter what combination torso and mask/helmet combination I go with, there's always at least a small section of exposed neck. It's super distracting. The only way around is is to use either the full-body costume that covers the entire head, or one of the masks that does the same. There's no way to create something like Batman's outfit, where it covers everything except his mouth.and the area around it.

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Both fixes do make a big

Both fixes do make a big difference. Although like he warned in his build guide, I find the head does droop a little over time. Definitely better than the instant swirl action from stock though

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Nice bot action. Digging up

Nice bot action. Digging up a post on Reddit from 5 years ago about a Wall-E model made of legos:

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