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My TA/A farming video from way back when

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My TA/A farming video from way back when

Ah, those were good times. *sniff*

I had so many characters that I loved, and the best part was that they were all pretty dramatically different.

I hope City of Titans can have the great build variety CoX had.

I also did like the "tension" though of having to build within an AT and power set. Champions Online seemed much too generic to me, because everyone could have some signature powers, and then choose the same overly-powerful buffs. There wasn't enough of a penalty for that mix-and-match character design, and the result was that many characters were homogeneous.

It is a good lesson, I think. Restricting choices in power selection can actually lead to more variety overall.

Regardless, enjoy the 3 year old video. Feel free to post your own.