My Dream: A Superhero Animated Series

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My Dream: A Superhero Animated Series

When I was 14 I was playing in the backyard with My favorite toy, a Bionicle named Nuju. While playing with it I thought to myself that I don't remember seeing Many ice powered heroes. (other then Frozone from Incredibles and Iceman from X-Men) Soon I created my own Ice powered superhero. As the years when by I polished superhero's story more and more. Now that one superhero is now an extensive superhero universe all inside my imagination. I love to share stories with people and my superhero universe is no exception. My dream is to take that superhero universe and make an animated series out of it. It's been hard progressing the story since I haven't solidified most of the character's looks. I'm good at writing but I'm not very good at drawing. Until yesterday I felt I would never be able to bring these characters to life. Yesterday I discovered a 3D software called Blender that can make amazing 3D animation. Here is a Sneak Peek of an animated movie in production that's being made by Blender (Can't get the video to show in the thread)

I accidently ate a bowl of radioactive soup....ok I guess that makes me a Soup-er Hero