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Mother Gothel is the Wicked Queen... okay no media just Disney Theory.

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Mother Gothel is the Wicked Queen... okay no media just Disney Theory.

Disney Theory... The Enchantress from Beauty and the beast is THE WICKED QUEEN from Snow White, and Mother Gothel. TANGLED. Alright here we have Mother Gothel who used a magic flower to keep herself young (A very Wicked Queen behavior) until the flower was used to save Rapunzel's mother. A look of Gothel as old shows she has the pointy chin of the Hag disguise from the witch same color hair in both young and old. Same type of hands and when she shows her aged angry form even the exaggerated eyes. Could Mother Gothel be the Wicked Queen who survived her fall and lived on for over 200 years by the magic flower? This would change my theory a little too she was trying to use the Beast to return to power and failed (given that history would turn very dark in france soon after the story with the french revolution) she went back into hiding. So Theory could the Wicked Queen, The Enchantress (Beauty and beast), and Mother Gothel be the same person?

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I'll allow as this isn't any

I'll allow as this isn't any sillier than Bill Willingham's Fables conflating the Prince Charmings of Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella as one much-divorced Prince; or Phillip Jose Farmer's identification of Captain Nemo as Moriarity... ^_^

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Right, but Farmer did it

Right, but Farmer did it better!

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