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Mission/content creation reward system?

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Mission/content creation reward system?

Hi guys. First post from me on here so please excuse me if this isn't the best place for this but I have several inputs I would love to get in motion for the dev team here. Brief intro first though:

Personal Intro
MisterX is my long-term day 1 signature toon from the City of Heroes. I'm a professional web/interactive designer (and writer) by background. I played the game from start to the bitter end and I'm an SG leader of The Intrepids, which in its heyday was one of Europe's top ten SG Groups. The SG's founders still meet regularly in real life as we did this last weekend in London with SG leaders flying in from Ireland, Germany and Turkey. It would be an understatement to say we're major fans, players, advocates and supporters. We've pledged to $3,000 to have The Intrepids Tower in the game from day one and look forward to helping in any way we can with the game. If there is anything else we can do to help from the EU/London perspective you only need to ask.

A Mission/content creation reward system?
We spent the vast majority of the last weekend talking through our greatest and most endearing memories of CoH but also of the excitement and intrigue about certain features of the City of Titans as they emerge - while keeping an hourly watch on the new funds being pledged on Kickstarter. One of those areas, and the first I wanted to bring up on the boards here (or anywhere else if I/we can directly contribute on this) is the concept of a mission creation reward system.

What? You say.

I want to propose a series of reward ideas for the Mission Creation system that go hand in hand with the idea of a community driven crowd-sourced game that were also missing from the otherwise excellent Mission Architect System on the City of Heroes and these are that:

The ultimate reward for having created the a highly entertaining, peer-reviewed, five-star rated mission (once other controls/vets have been completed) should be publication/moving the mission into the "real game".
We create some kind of peer group reward mechanism that enables content contributors to be directly rewarded in-game for their contributions. Obvious examples would include in-game currency, accolades and/or other kinds of in-game expendable points as well as seeing the mission get into the real game (which would be the supreme motivation for me for example).

This would go hand in hand with crowd-sourcing philosophy and you may already have this planned - in which case count this is a vote in that direction but do let me know how/where I could help with this if this is an area you could use some assistance with.

The game back story: extra
Not directly connected with this thread but connected to the major story arc behind the City of Titans (which I'm yet to find on the boards) is the immediate back-story behind the game/city launch. With the planned depending-on-funding phased approach to zone development, could the back story not include the City/world being nearly wiped out by some cataclysmic prior event (war or evil /alien victory)? The reason for suggesting this is that:

It references the real-world backdrop to the game.
The game's own story arc (which could be a game/story mechanism itself) could be the re-conquering and re-building of the City zones/our world) zone by zone as the heroes re-gain control and can lead the re-building effort (i.e. real-life funding becomes available). Or could each zone somehow be subject to it's own long-term evil vs good control mechanism, falling into disrepair and ruin when the evil factions have overrun the place long enough?
Graphically, each pre-built (but planned) zone could then exist (presumably) as a wrecked/ruined twisted buildings landscape full of evil dudes and dangers (spawned mobs) until (realworld funding is in place) and each zone is re-built (launched).

X marks the spot! OK, that's naff but I've been using it for ten years!