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Another idea that I had come to me while chatting on the IRC channel (details on that here). I don' t know if minigame is the best name for this, but I couldn't think of any more fitting.

I'm certain that some of the PvP/arena maps - for a start - will be suitable for use for hosting PvE matches of various types. A 'picture' is worth a thousand words, so allow me to illustrate:

Two teams are dropped into the arena, where they only have access to powers specific to that venue. For this particular example, each team has four players with a power to shoot or throw the ball and one player with a 'shield' to protect the goal.

I imagine anything from races (vehicles, superpowers, pogo sticks, etc.) to unique takes on team sports (such as the basic example above) to 'boxing'* matches. Any particular variant that's popular enough (or it could be put to a vote each 'season') could even be given its own teams, leagues, divisions, etc. There'd be no particular point to these other than to have fun and waste a little time ("You think you're so tough? Well, then we'll settle this like real superheroes and decide it over a game of squeegeeball!").

I should think that the only rule for these is that the more unique and crazier, the better.

* Another example: Imagine something like the Thunderdome, albeit with moving targets rather than a hemispherical cage. The goal is to box/knock the opponent into such a target. One of this arena's powers could be a 'super punch' - almost certainly with a cooldown timer - that knocks the target back (and/or possibly up) a larger distance.

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An idea someone on the Cape

An idea someone on the Cape Radio IRC server had, was activities other than combat for your hero. Skyway City had that building that kept catching on fire, and you could put it out, and that was great, but there are many other opportunities for non-combat superheroics which could be turned into all sorts of minigames for the times when you feel like doing something different.

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